Corporate events, hotels, product launches, conventions and VIP’s events

With a lifetime of expertise in the secret world of magic & deception and worldwide performances, renowned illusionist Reynold Alexander is guaranteed to entertain and mystify all audiences.

*The presentations can be adjusted according to space limitations, audience size and the theme of the event.


Mr. Alexander is the perfect blend of sleight of hand, grand illusion, side-splitting comedy and audience interaction that will make you question reality as you know it. Mind blowing illusions that will have you on the edge of your seat!

You will experience his magic through a complete stage production full of energy and excitement. The creativity and greatness of each illusion will make your jaw drop, leaving you with one question: “How does he do it?”

Enjoy a journey of disbelief where the impossible becomes reality!

Duration: 1 hour aprox.

Motivational Magic

Excellent for companies and universities

The Motivational Magic Experience

Reynold Alexander will use his magic as a powerful tool to deliver important and life changing messages. He will cover: goal achievements, self-esteem, teamwork and time management among other important subjects.

Here we rule out traditional boring speeches and turn them into memorable and entertaining events. As is characteristic of  him, the show contains whimsical humor and audience participation making the show very interactive and engaging.

Duration: 1 Hour

Marketing Magic

Mr. Alexander will customize his show and integrate your product, logo and sales pitch into his presentation, making this a very creative and novel tool to inform and impress your clients.


Reynold can have the CEO, the speaker or master of ceremonies make a shocking entry by magically appearing from a previously empty box!