Reynold Alexander’s Bag of Tricks


Magic has become a very popular hobby for fans of all ages around the world. Reynold Alexander has designed a very particular Magic Kit.

The Reynold Alexander  “Bag of Tricks” is designed to not be too complicated for a child nor too simple for an adult. Everything comes in a bag that fits in a backpack for school or work briefcase, making it very practical.  It includes the props to do eight amazing magic tricks.

Also, it includes a booklet to learn fifty more magic tricks using ordinary, day-to-day objects that you can find in your home.

Kit includes:

  • Growing Bill
  • Two Card Monte
  • Crazy Kats
  • Clipped Card
  • Phantom Block
  • Computer Age Cards
  • Ring and Spring
  • Sliced Rope


  • 50 Tricks Booklet

*For residents of PR the 11.5% IVU is included.

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